A Review of Burna Boy’s Album, “I Told Them”

Burna Boy I Told Them
Burna Boy I Told Them

Burna Boy’s journey through several worlds (Nigeria, the UK/US, and the Caribbean), as well as his unwavering drive to highlight various influences, are captured in the project tagged, “I Told Them”.

The superstar recently made the erroneous allegation that Afrobeats lacks substance, for which he has received harsh criticism from his Nigerian audience. He has criticized the characteristics that make up the cultures of Afrobeats and Hip Hop, but he still contributes to them – his erratic habits might have prompted the “I Told Them” album to be received in a creative but critical state – it`s like when it comes to the music he wants to create and the audiences he wants to create it for, Burna Boy seems to be creatively stunted in his interviews.

Nonetheless, The African Giant, Burna Boy, truly provided the best of both worlds, as evidenced by the way that “I Told Them” hovers between hip-hop and Afrobeats. The new album has been amassing incredible numbers as music lovers worldwide are referring to the album as one of the most entertaining projects released in 2013. The “I Told Them” album by Burna Boy has also officially debuted at No. 1 on the UK albums chart – it becomes the first ever #1 African album.

Read a brief track-by-track review and analysis of the “I Told Them” album by Burna Boy here.

I Told Them ft. GZA

The first track sounds like the perfect theme that hovers over the album, The line – “I told them I’m a genius”, is short and imposing, and Burna Boy doesn’t fall short of his own standards. Adopting the album`s title, ”I Told Them”, as the opening track is quite befitting as Burna Boy highlighted without any holdbacks his real feelings he had to pitch out to the world. Notably, GZA also came through with some remarkable lyrical words. Amazing opener!


“Normal” is an amazing smash hit from the very first listen. The talented musician uses the track as an opportunity to clear his critical audiences that all of his feats and achievements may seem incredible but they are all just real normal stuff from his POV and by his own standards.

On Form

“On Form” is another banger delivered by Burna Boy on the “I Told Them” project. As the title depicts, the African Giant ruthlessly says he`s in fine form and in the prime of his life so no one should be surprised that he is not backing down anytime soon. The track, “On Form”, also further acclaims that Burna Boy would always drop a solo hit without any partnership.

Sitting On Top Of The World ft. 21 Savage

This track is one of the pre-released singles on the album. You just know Burna Boy was in his bag when he was recording this amazing tune in the studio, and brilliantly bringing on a collaboration with US-based rapper, 21 Savage, did a very fine justice on the song, “Sitting On Top Of The World”.

Tested, Approved & Trusted

This track is one of the songs where we get to witness the emo version of Burna Boy, with his explicit and adorable vocals, the refined artist was able to capture the emotions of listeners as he provides a surreal experience that captures his range and versatility. “Tested, Approved & Trusted” is really a beautiful tune that passes as a melodic pop song where heartfelt messages are being passed to a lover in regard.

Cheat On Me ft. Dave

“Cheat On Me” is another smash hit that was previously released just before the “I Told Them” album was delivered. The collaboration with UK`s famous rapper, Dave, was soulful and amazing to witness as he matched up with Burna Boy`s applaudable delivery of the song. “Cheat On Me” sounds personal for both artists – Burna Boy and Dave – as they went hard on each verse. A brilliant lyric that goes “…and I couldn`t see that I was cheating on me” is one that also gears up the track`s theme.


Burna Boy delivered “Virgil”, the seventh track of his album, “I Told Them”, with respect to Virgil Abloh. We can hear Virgil`s powerful and wise words over the track, making some meaningful statements about how the human race consumes music albums and more.

Big 7

“Big 7` is another hit track by Burna Boy which he delivered just weeks prior to the album`s release. “Big 7” is a song that resonates as a big statement by the Nigerian musician – who doesn`t want to be boxed up in the “Afrobeats” genre. Though Big 7 may sound like a brag by Burna Boy, however, the African Giant might be allowed to since he is really that big.

Dey Play

This is yet another solo hit track by the African Giant, Burna Boy, on the “I Told Them” album. “Dey Play” is a witty tune that sees Burna Boy bragging about his many feats and luxurious lifestyle that he has garnered over time as he promised himself from the start to achieve everything he desires while incredibly acting on it.

City Boys

This is one of the best songs on the “I Told Them” album and we have seen everyone claim it to be their own very favorite. City Boys is actually that anthem for the City Boys – and oh, the City Girls too. Burna Boy had an incredible and fabulous wordplay on the track that excites fans as the beat and his vocals give listeners the pleasure and delight they fancy him for.

Giza ft. Seyi Vibez

The track, Giza, may seem like a shocker on the “I Told Them” album as the guest appearance by Seyi Vibez may have surprised fans and critics. “Giza” which is going on so far to be one of the fan`s favorite, especially in Nigeria demonstrates Burna Boy`s incredible versatility to hop on any style of song and beat while Seyi Vibez just did his thing by coming through with the beautiful, exciting, and entertaining aura he is renowned for.

Jewels ft. RZA

The twelfth track of the “I Told Them” album by Burna Boy is titled 12 Jewels. 12 Jewels is pretty much words of wisdom by RZA while Burna Boy listened and approved. The 12 Jewels that should be acquired and longed for by everyone are; knowledge, wisdom, understanding; freedom, justice, equality; food, shelter, clothing; love, peace, and happiness. Every human should be inspired to get these 12 jewels of life.

If I`m Lying

This is another beautiful song by Burna Boy on the album where we get to see him in his emo bag again. He decently and adorably delivered this tune, “If I`m Lying”, in an incredibly emotional and powerful theme that resonates throughout the track. The track is yet another demonstration of Burna Boy`s applaudable range on the “I Told Them” album.

Thanks ft. J. Cole

The fourteen track, “Thanks featuring J. Cole”, on the “I Told Them” album sees Burna Boy being critical of his fans and the negative criticism and reception he has received over the years. The talented musician bolding says, “is this the motherf***ing thanks I get, for making my people proud every chance I get”. A remark that he personally mentions as he believes he has done more than enough to earn the respect he demands. Burna Boy also used the opportunity to collaborate with one of his role models, the iconic US musician, J. Cole, who is well known for delivering real, emo, and conscious rap music.

Talibans II (Bonus Track) ft. Bryon Messia

“Talibans II” is another hit track pre-released and is a bonus track on the “I Told Them” album by Burna Boy. The Nigerian superstar teamed up with the Dancehall performer, Bryon Messia, to create a beautiful melody that everyone seems to love and has been a club banger since its release to date. Both musicians have enjoyed the accolades and feat that comes with delivering the near-perfect dancehall/Afro-fusion tune, Talibans II.

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