Davido’s Lawyer demands respect for His Client’s craft

Davido’s lawyer, Bobo Ajudua has called on show promoters and organisers worldwide to respect the craft of artists in the year.

He emphasized the importance of acknowledging the hard work and substantial investments made by artists and their teams.

Ajudua, who is popularly known as Prince II, urged promoters to honour technical riders, highlighting that failure to do so can result in talent looking unprofessional in front of fans.

“If they say they’re not performing again, it’s the artist’s name thousands of fans will drag. Not yours,” Prince I emphasised, drawing attention to the negative impact a tarnished performance can have on an artist’s reputation.

“Promoters/organisers (all over the world) not just in Africa, please in 2024 Respect The Craft! Artistes and teams work way too hard and invest way too much in this for you to be completely disregarding technical riders and having talent look stupid in front of thousands of people!

“If they come out and sound or look silly on stage and storm off, it’s the same artist everyone will abuse and videos of the artist that will trend. Not you. So, please, organisers/promoters, If you can’t fulfil these riders, say you can’t fulfil and leave artists at home! Pity them! Enough of these cutting corners and playing games with people’s careers.”


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