A Review of “Bloody Civillian” Album, “Anger Management: At LEast wE tRIED- EP”

Bloody Civilian - Anger Management (EP)
Bloody Civilian – Anger Management (EP)

The Nigerian female vocalist Bloody Civilian, who is contracted to Def Jam Recordings and is located in Abuja, has released her debut studio album, which she refers to as “Anger Management.” The project displays the singer’s vocal prowess, amazing songwriting abilities, and musical diva status. With no special guest appearance, it is fully loaded with six captivating tracks. Pop music is infused into Bloody Civilian, an album that is sure to become a favourite with enthusiasts. The production value was excellent, and it matched Bloody Civilian’s distinct style and delivery flawlessly. Emoseh Khamofu, also known as “Bloody Civilian,” is a rapidly rising Nigerian singer-songwriter best known for her hits “How To Kill A Man” and “Wake Up,” both of which featured Rema and were used on the soundtrack of the American superhero movie Black Panther, released in 2022.

The much-awaited “Anger Management: At LEast wE tRIED (EP)” project by Nigerian songbird Bloody Civilian is a remix of the critically acclaimed Anger Management project. With six amazing tunes that have been painstakingly constructed to thrill her devoted fans and music enthusiasts, this latest version of her entrancing EP boasts an incredible roster. Working with some of the best musicians in Nigeria, the remix features appearances by well-known rapper Odumodublvck, UK-based Algerian singer-songwriter Miraa May, emPawa Africa signee Joeboy, popular music duo Ajebo Hustlers, gifted singer-songwriter Fave, neo soul artist and record producer Tay Iwar, afrobeat recording artist Majeed, versatile Chocolate City signee Candy Bleakz, and the wonderful English rapper, singer, and songwriter ENNY.

Bloody Civilian is the essence of what a true Gen-Z perspective on the “Woke Culture” should be all about. Her music is raw, clever, bold, and intentional. What’s more, she’s a triple threat, having worked as a singer, composer, and music producer. She excels in all of the aforementioned areas in the most unusual ways; her music is proof of this. It’s important to use her flow to learn a great deal about the Nigerian music industry. The album’s tunes exhibit Bloody Civillian’s ability to blend a range of skills with artistic flare, in addition to having memorable choruses. They invite listeners to embark with him on a musical journey. Bloody Civillian’s “Anger Management: At LEast wE tRIED-EP” album is dissected track by track in the section that follows.

  • Escapism ft. Fave & Tay Iwar

The first song on Bloody Civillian’s debut album, Anger Management: At Least wE tRIED, is a passable attempt that establishes a concept for the album and carries it through. ‘Escapism’ explores a variety of topics in an unclear way, and Bloody Civillian uses this music to make bold and confident lyrics that indicate how she sees herself as bright and powerful. Hedonistic cravings, her forefathers, and the nation’s failing economy are all discussed in bloody waffles. She tries to convey a message that is both energetic and somewhat ambiguous in terms of concept.

  • How To Kill A Man ft. Lifesize Teddy & Miraa May

How To Kill A Man is more sensitive to the underbelly of nighttime pranks that are common in upscale clubs, but it nevertheless has the same spooky, haunted vibe as its predecessor. There’s no stopping the immersion in that gloomy environment, and the featured artists also fit well in.

  • Family Meeting ft Joeboy, ENNY & Majeed

Family Meeting is not so much a musically pleasing record as it is a place where Bloody Civilian and her guest artists go to let out all of their pent-up anger. And it works; even in the midst of the mayhem, there is some lovely rhythm to be found, particularly in the ambience and near the finish. The record’s grandeur, the way the drums are handled, and ENNY’s outstanding rap verse would give anyone the confidence to take on the world.

  • Mad Apology ft ODUMODUBLVCK

The song “Mad Apology” was featured as the fourth track on Bloody Civilian’s highly anticipated debut extended playlist, Anger Management. The project featured six amazing songs that were perfect for listening to and feeling good about. Currently ranked among Nigeria’s most promising female musicians is Bloody Civilian. She is a talented singer-songwriter with a voice of her own. She provided the production qualifications for this incredible record called Mad Apology.

  • I Don’t Like You ft JELEEL! & Candy Bleakz

This song, which is the fifth of the amazing six-track EP “Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED,” is really great. It flawlessly captures the unfiltered feelings and intense intensity that Bloody Civilian so skillfully infuses into his songs. The vocal contributions on this song, which are equally impressive, come from the incredibly gifted performers JELEEL! and Candy Bleakz. The already intriguing music gains depth and character from the flawless blending of their distinct approaches.

  • Come From ft Ajebo Hustlers

This outstanding record is the last track in the six-track EP “Anger Management: At LEasT wE tRIED.” Bloody Civilian’s attention to her craft and her goal of creating music that connects with her audience are demonstrated by the EP. Additionally, Bloody Civilian’s vocals are flawlessly complemented by a scorching verse from the award-winning Nigerian music duo Ajebo Hustlers. This tune is a testament to their ability to work together to create something truly remarkable, as well as to their respective abilities.



  • Delivery: 1.9/2
  • Lyricism: 1.9/2
  • Relatability: 1.8/2
  • Mixing and Production: 1.9/2
  • Replay Value: 1.8/2



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