Tunde Ednut tells why Wizkid is respected than Davido and Burna Boy


Tunde Ednut has shared the reason why artist Wizkid is more highly regarded in the music space in Africa than Burna Boy and Davido.

In a video posted by blogger Tunde Ednut it was stated that Afrobeat artist Wizkid is more respected throughout Africa than any other Nigerian singer due to his role in changing the way African artists are treated at the BET International Awards.

According to a video shared Tunde on his Instagram page, it reflected how African artists before 2018 collected their awards and plaques backstage at the BET Awards event.

The video recalled how Wizkid, on the other hand, won the BET Award in 2017 but refused to attend, accusing the award show of promoting fake love for African artists.

According to Wizkid, the BET Awards should stop recognising African artists if they can’t treat them as well as they do international artists.

Following Wizkid’s statement, the impact was evident as Davido, who won the BET award in 2018, was welcomed to the main ceremony and presented with his prize.

The voice over behind the video said;

“Beyond his musical prowess, one of the significant reasons Wizkid commands respect across Africa is his pivotal role in changing the treatment of African artiste at the BET Awards.

Prior to 2018, African artistes received their awards backstage or in front of an empty audience often hours before the main show.

In 2017, Wizkid won BET Best International Act but chose not to attend the event. He not only refused to show up but also called out BET expressing his discontent in an interview.

“If you are not gonna show us same love, you show your international artiste, if you’re not gonna show us that same love on the main stage then don’t show us no love until we don’t want it.”

The impact was tangible, the following year when Davido secured the award, it was presented to him during the main show in front of a live audience.

since then African artiste have been accorded the same respect as their America counterparts at the BET award.”

Captioning the video, Tunde Ednut wrote;

“RESPECT!!!! ?????

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